Dress up a 3D character with Marvelous Designer, part 1

Hello everyone

Here is the first step in this red thread about pin-ups!

The idea of this thread is to make 3D figures using my favorite digital tools, in order to find the best workflow and improve it with each new creation.
Among the tools I intend to use there is Marvelous Designer, which I had the opportunity to discover through my professional activity. This tool amuses me enormously and offers incredible possibilities in terms of textile creation. It will also be the second thread of this series because each pin-up will be dressed with the help of Marvelous Designer. The other reason is that too often I saw Marvelous Designer tutorials that neglected the clothing aspect which is understandable because it is not part of the job of a 3D creator, which is why I will strive to use patterns for creating clothes.

Find an idea

For this first creation, I did the things upside down. Instead of starting from an idea to realize, I preferred to start by doing something simple. So I surfed to find patterns or sketches relatively complete to make a simple dress.

And I found this outfit very simple to achieve with Marvelous:

 Workflow establishment

I’m not good at creating character,so I opted for using Daz Studio. It is free, it offers the opportunity to exploit his characters for free as it is 2D renderings.
Regarding the rendering I will try Blender Cycle and Toolbag 3, this will compare rendering pre-calculated and real time.

So I get the following workflow:

Marvelous Designer 6  -> Daz Studio 4.10 -> Blender 3D Cycle 2.79 -> Marmoset Toolbag 3

Although quite satisfied with the result for a first shot, I still get in the end a figurine composed of almost 400 000 triangles. I want to clarify that nothing is optimized. That’s why I will not go into details for the design. The process of creating the next pin-up will take into account the errors made with it and will be more complete.

To better judge the result I invite you to click on the sketchFab model below.

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