Dress up a character with Marvelous Designer, part 2

Pin-up October: Departure for holidays!

Hello everyone !

I will present here a summary of the design for this second pin-up.
The frame will be more or less the same as the previous one, with some details on certain aspects.
Here are the versions of the tools  I used: Marvelous Designer 6, Blender 2.79, Daz Studio 4.10, Substance Painter 2018.1.3 and Marmoset Toolbag 3.05.

Marvelous Designer Garment

With this pin-up, as with the previous one, it’s the outfit that defines the theme.
To model the dress, I use the patronage as a reference by loading it as a texture on a plane.
To better understand this method I invite you to watch this video, you will quickly understand how to proceed.

As I said above this dress is relatively simple because I’m still trying to validate a workflow. This achievement allowed me to test the elastic elements that make up the dress and give a more realistic look.
Here is what gives the dress once completed on the final model.

Daz Studio to Marvelous transition

It takes a bit of time with Daz to make a perfect pin-up. The “shaping” tab allows you to customize the anatomy of your girl, while “parameters” and “posing” will help you give it a sexy pose.

Once the model realized, I exported it in .OBJ format in 2 different positions, one in T-pose and the other in final position. The idea is to use the T-pose to adjust the clothes with Marvelous then migrate from T-pose to the final pose in order to calculates the deformation of the dress.

What’s really great is that Marvelous allows you to successively import a model with 2 different poses and change the simulation of falling clothing accordingly.
It is therefore necessary to export the model twice, the second must be loaded as a “morph target “!

Please note, the option ‘convert maps’ allows to recover the textures that use the opacity for the lashes of the manikin, it is very useful for the final representation.

The handbag and the panties!

Pin-up scenes always need decorative elements to make the sense of the scene. That’s why I added various elements designed with Marvelous.

The handbag was made with Marvelous, Blender and Substance Painter, but before that, it was necessary to find inspiration on the internet before starting to make the model.
Once the model is finished with Marvelous, I export it in OBJ to Blender in order to rework the distribution of the materials by merging all the elements of identical texture, and also to realize an ID_map with the excellent addon Textool for Blender. The model is then exported again from Blender in Obj format to be textured in Substance Painter using the ID_map. I followed exactly the same process with the panties, so I will not go into detail.

Rendering with Marmoset Toolbag 3

The elements are introduced one by one in Toolbag in Obj format with 4K textures.
In addition to the pin-up, the stage consists of a simple base and 3 lights.
The luggage comes from the Cadnav site, and the soil texture comes from CgBookCase.

That’s it for today, I hope this article will give you some information, feel free to contact me for more information.
According to the requests I will surely make another articles to deepen some points.


In the meantime, see you in November for the next pin-up!

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